European institutions (European Community, Council of Europe, WHO-EURO) have great impact on health law.
Health law in Europe is also influenced by world based organisations (eg. Unesco, OECD).
The “Europeanization” of health law is an ongoing process. Health law systems increasingly become more closely connected. There is a growing importance to have the voice of health lawyers heard at a European scale. The EAHL is created as a European forum for discussion; it aims to serve as an indispensable source of advice and guidance for health law and policies in European countries and to serve as a European interlocutor for important health law issues.
European institutions are a focal point of attention for the Association.
It was decided at the founding conference to set up a working group (this is  presently the Executive Board) to maintain a brief watch on European and international institutions whose work has a direct impact on health law and policy in Europe and where input from the Association might have a significant role to play.
The Board is now in the process of establishing close relationships with European institutions in order to:

  • cooperate closely in health law issues
  • have activities of the EAHL announced through the channels of the European institutions.
  • have information on activities of European institutions available via the website of the Association.

Information on progress made with this undertaking will be placed on the website.
Important developments in international (European) health law will be regularly published in the EJHL. For further information please contact Herman Nys: