Membership of the EAHL is open to health lawyers in Europe.

To become an individual (regular) member of the EAHL, please, send your electronic application to EAHL secretariat organizes decision on admission and informs applicants about further procedure. Individual membership has two main categories - regular and associate membership. 

  1. Regular membership is open to individual health lawyers in Europe, that is, those who are involved with health law and health law-related issues within Council of Europe countries. A regular member can be any natural person who meets the criteria of a health lawyer, has been admitted by the Board and has paid the relevant membership fee.
  2. Associate membership is open to those individuals who do not meet the above criteria but who can contribute substantially to the objectives of the Association. An associate member can be any natural person who has been admitted by the Board and has paid the relevant membership fee. Law students are eligible to become associate members at a reduced membership fee and after graduation are eligible to upgrade membership to Regular status.
  3. Any natural person who shall have rendered distinguished service to the objectives of the Association can be elected by the Board as an Honorary member. This membership is at the discretion of the existing Board and there is no fee to be paid.
  4. Student membership. Any health law student, including PhD students, can apply for the membership at a reduced fee.

* Note : Since 2017 institutional type of membership was temporarily halted.

Benefits of individual membership

  • Full voting rights at EAHL General Assembly (excl.associate)
  • Eligibility to stand in elections for EAHL Board of Directors (excl.associate)
  • Reduced fees at EAHL sponsored events
  • Eligibility for reduced subscription rate of 88 EUR to the European Journal of Health Law
  • Eligibility for promotion of their academic achievements on EAHL website and monthly newsletter
  • Inclusion in all EAHL calls for collaborators for new networks and projects
  • Inclusion in all EAHL distribution lists on activities and forthcoming events
  • Access to EAHL networks of expertise
  • Full access to EAHL Website facilities
  • Free newsletter

Annual contribution

Regular, Associate and Student members shall be bound to pay an annual contribution to a scale to be determined by the General Assembly on proposal by the Board.

Membership runs from January 1 to December 31 of each year. Deadline for fee payment is March 31 each year.

* Membership started in the final quarter of the year covers the following membership year (applies to the new members only).

Fees for individual members 2023 are:

  • Regular member – 76 euro
  • Reduced fee for two years regular membership - 130 euros
  • Associate member – 38 euro
  • Student member (including PhD students) – 38 euro

For payment details please send an e-mail to

Membership terminates as a result of the death of the member, resignation of membership and membership having been terminated by the Association in cases stated in the EAHL Constitution. Termination of, and disqualification from, membership by the Association shall be carried out in writing by the Board.

Memberships application form

To download the EAHL application form, please, click - DOWNLOAD.

Please, do not send the same email to both EAHL email addresses, it does not minimaze time of admission process.