National Contacts

In order to promote EAHL on the national level, in each country where EAHL have membership, national contact person should be appointed by the Executive Board. It is the principal responsibility of national contacts to raise the profile of EAHL in their designated country and to encourage new and sustained membership. The national contact is also responsible for identifying and facilitating EAHL-related activities within their country and bringing these to the attention of the entire EAHL community, e.g. through the website, newsletters or distribution lists.

National contacts activities:

  • For the EAHL newsletter: active provision of information on developments of interest to the members of the Association (eg new legislative rules resp. advisory opinions concerning a health law topic, publications, jurisprudence etc.). 
  • Assist in inquiries for information on a specific health law issue (eg. raised in the context of an EAHL interest group or through the EAHL newsletter). This can be done by the contact person resp. the contact person can refer to somebody else who can answer the inquiry.
  • Assist in finding participants for EAHL interest group resp. for European research projects resp. speakers for symposia and conferences.
  • Actively promote the EAHL by distributing relevant EAHL information (eg. coming events, interest groups etc) in the contact’s own country eg. through the website of the national health law association (if any), resp. by other appropriate means of informing health lawyers/university health law institutes.
  • Liaise with the national contact points from other countries.  

EAHL National contacts are:

Country Name 
Austria Magdalena Flatscher –Thoeni
Azerbaijan Lala Jafarova
Belgium Jean Herveg (for French-speaking part) Tom Balthazar (Dutch-speaking part)
Bosnia and
Ervin Mujkic
Bulgaria Mariela Deliverska
Czech Republic Michal Koscik
Cyprus Georgia Charalambidou 
Denmark Janne Rothmar Herrmann
Estonia Tiina Titma 
France  Éloïse Gennet 
Germany Ivo Bach 
Greece Maria Paraskeva
Hungary Varga Orsolya
Iceland Dögg Pálsdóttir 
Ireland Brenda Daly 
Italy Stefania Negri
Latvia Santa Slokkenerga
Lithuania Aiste Gerybaite
Luxembourg Mike Schwebag
Malta Daniel Bianchi 
Norway Harald Platou
Poland Maria Sokalska
Russia Alexey Goryainov
Romania  Cosmin Tarnovetchi
Serbia Marta Sjenicic
Sweden Titti Mattsson
Slovenia Suzana Kraljić
Slovak Republic Capíková Silvia
Spain Juan-Ignacio Ochagavías Colás 
Turkey Zeynep Burcu Akbaba
United Kingdom  Edward Dove
Ukraine  Khrystyna Tereshko 


Due to much spam emails NCPs email addresses are available for registered users only. We need volunteers to be National Contacts for all the other European countries. If you would like to volunteer to be a National contact, please contact us.

If you are not the EAHL member to get in touch with the NCP, please, contact us at (# = @)

Call for NCPs

EAHL announces open call for candidates to become the National Contact Point.

Please, find the requirements below:

1.To read about requirements for NCPs, please, visit
2. Please, note that upon request from the EAHL Board all NCPs can be asked to provide national reports on proposed topics such as "Legal measures taken with regard to corona virus outbreak" etc. To read recent reports, please, visit;
3. To become an NCP person should be active member of the association. If you are not a member, you should apply for membership.
4. The list of countries where we have no NCPs and looking for candidates:
•    Albania
•    Andorra
•    Armenia
•    Croatia
•    Finland
•    Georgia
•    Liechtenstein
•    Republic of Moldova
•    Monaco
•    Montenegro
•    Netherlands
•    North Macedonia
•    Portugal
•    San Marino
•    Switzerland

Please, kindly note that currently we are looking for NCPs for countries of Europe (members of the Council of Europe).

5. Since EAHL Newsletter has acquired the ISSN some requirements (Guidelines) for the authors have been elaborated. To read more, please, visit 

If you wish to become the NCP, please, send us your short CV and Letter of Motivation.

Contact email:
 (# stands for @)