Board of Directors

Since September 2017, the Board is composed of 7 members, as follows: 

Karl Harald Søvig, Norway, Chairperson
Vugar Mammadov, Azerbaijan, Vice-chair
Verena Stühlinger, Austria, Vice-chair
Joaquín Cayón-De Las Cuevas, Spain, Secretary
Steven Lierman, Belgium, Treasurer
(=together they form the Executive Board)

Athanasios Panagiotou, Greece
Annagrazia Altavilla, France

Jean Herveg - "The Board's special advisor regarding privacy policy".

Lala Jafarova (Azerbaijan) supports the Board with the Association’s administrative tasks.

The Board of Directors is assisted by the Advisory Board.

Dr. juris Karl Harald Søvig

Karl Harald Søvig (1969) is professor of law at the faculty of law, University of Bergen. Dean at the faculty (2017-). He has previously worked as a temporary judge at the district and court of appeal. His research has focused on different forms of coercive measures within the welfare state, as well as rights of the children. His most recent project was PROVIR (Provision of health services to irregular migrants) funded by the Norwegian research council.


Prof., Dr. Vugar Mammadov, Azerbaijan

Vugar Mammadov EAHL Vice-President. Professor of Legal Medicine, Medical Law and Bioethics at Law School  of Baku State University, Azerbaijan Medical University and number of universities worldwide.  His main research fields are Human Rights, Health Law and Ethics. Vice-President and Treasurer of World Association for Medical Law, Vice-President and Founding Member of Silk Road Forensic Consortium. Head and founder, Azerbaijan Medical Law and Bioethics Association, Azerbaijan unit of UNESCO Chair in Bioethics. Deputy Chairman, UNESCO National Bioethics Committee under Presidium of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan. Member of Expert Council on Law Sciences, Supreme Attestation Commission under President of Azerbaijan. Author of more than 300 scientific publications, including 8 textbooks and handbooks, 3 monographs. Scientific supervisor of 1 postdoctoral and 14 Ph.D. dissertations in different countries.

LinkAzərbaycan Tibb Universiteti


Dr. Verena Stühlinger, LL.M.

Verena Stühlinger is senior scientist at the Department of Public Health, Health Services Research and Health Technology Assessment (HTA) at the Private University for Health Sciences, Medical Informatics and Technology (UMIT), Austria. She holds the Austrian bar exam, a doctoral degree in public health (UMIT), a master in law (University of Innsbruck, Austria) as well as in international law (GGU, San Francisco, USA). She teaches health law and ethics at several national universities. Her main research focus is on cross-border health care, frameworks for (bio)medical research and on clinical ethics. She chairs the Research Committee for Scientific and Ethical Questions of UMIT and fhg (RCSEQ) and has just been appointed data protection coordinator at UMIT.



Prof. Dr. Joaquin Cayon-De Las Cuevas

JCJoaquin Cayon-De las Cuevas is director of the Research Group on Health Law and Bioethics at IDIVAL, and associate professor of health law at the University of Cantabria, Santander, Spain. He holds a PhD in Law with a doctoral thesis on the provision of healthcare according to consumer law. He is combining his academic activities with the legal advice as head of the Legal Advisory Service at the Health Ministry of the Government of Cantabria. He is serving as the Coordinator of the Executive Board of the Ibero-American Health Law Network. Has an international expertise in lecturing, networking, and researching on health law issues, taking into account a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach. Has a wide list of publications (books, chapters and peer-reviewed articles) and oral presentations as a guest lecturer and speaker in different Latin- American and European universities. Also has an extensive practical experience in preparing drafts on legal rules regarding healthcare issues for different countries. He is also taking part of the advisory board of different Spanish, Brazilian, and Polish law journals. His research activities are focused on different health law topics such as the patient-consumer approach, patients ́ rights, healthcare systems, healthcare mediation, waiting lists, medical/pharmaceutical liability, reproductive technologies, and end-of-life decisions. He is currently taking part of a Jean Monnet Health Law and Policy Network led by        Dalhousie University and funded by the European Commission (2018-2020).


Prof. dr.Steven Lierman Associate professor

SL Prof. Steven Lierman is associate professor in medical law and administrative law at the KU Leuven and parttime professor at the University of Antwerp. He is head of Health Law in the Leuven Institute for Healthcare Policy and of the Institute for Administrative Law (Leuven Centre for Public Law). He is the promotor of several research projects in both fields of law and the (co)author of national and international contributions on topics of private and public law. He is vice-president of the Management Committee of the Belgian Medical Accidents Fund, member of the Committee on medical ethics of the medical school and the university hospital at the KU Leuven and of the Belgian Advisory Committee on Bioethics. From 2003 to 2012 he was a law clerk (référendaire) at the Belgian Supreme Court. Healthcare Policy (LIGB) (;  Research Unit Centre for public law (


Athanasios Panagiotou

Athanasios Panagiotou is attorney-at-law in Athens, Greece and a member of the Athens Bar Association. Mr. Panagiotou has been instructor at the School of Business of the American College of Greece-Deree since May 2016. He teaches “Business Legal Issues”. He received his Law degree from the Faculty of Law of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in 2011. He holds a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Medical Law from Queen Mary University of London (2013). He is currently a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Law of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. His PhD research focuses on the possibility of introducing a no-fault medical liability system in Greece. He has received an Excellence Scholarship by the Research Committee of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2016). (such as clinical guidelines and medical liability, no-fault medical liability systems, medical liability and cross-border healthcare etc.) have been published in national and international peer-review medical and legal journals (including the European Journal of Health Law). Mr. Panagiotou has presented papers at various medical law conferences. He participates in the EAHL Conferences since 2013. He has tutored in educational seminars/ lifelong learning courses organized by the Laboratory for the Research of Medical law and Bioethics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He has delivered seminars for Greek medical societies (for example, the Greek Society of Cardiothoracic Surgeons). Furthermore, he has lectured on contemporary health law issues in the context of Medical Law and Bioethics Summer Schools. He is a member of the Laboratory for the Research of Medical Law and Bioethics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He participates as an expert at the European Scientific Network on Law and Tobacco (ESNLT) of the University of Groningen. His research interests include medical liability, the EU Directive 2011/24/EU, the regulation of patient safety, patient’s rights, and the legal issues of evidence-based medicine.



Dr. Annagrazia Altavilla LL.M

AgA Lawyer (Bar of Taranto – Italy) with a Ph.D. in Sciences of Life/Ethics (Robert Schuman Foundation fellowship), Annagrazia is in charge of International Relations of Espace Éthique PACA CORSE (Bioethics Research Centre AP-HM/Aix-Marseille University– France). As legal advisor and researcher (former Professor at Aix-Marseille University 2006-2017), she has developed a long-standing experience in the field of Health Law and Bioethics with special reference to European policy and law. She is author of a book and publications in national and international journals. Speaker invited in international conferences and European Institutions EN-US">, she is also lecturer in European universities (Italy, France, Spain, Belgium and Poland). Former member of Paediatric Committee (PDCO) at the European Medicine Agency (EMA 2008-2011), she is member of the Scientific Coordinating Committee of the international consortium TEDDY (Task-force in Europe for Drug Development for the Young) and expert/legal adviser of many EU-funded projects She is also member, among others, of the WAML (World Association for Medical Law) as well as of the scientific committee of GIANNI BENZI Pharmacological Research Foundation. Annagrazia hold a law degree and three Master’s from Italy as well as a LL.M. in Health Law and a PhD in Sciences from France.


Composition of new EAHL Board
Composition of current EAHL Board (from right to left):
Athanasios Panagiotou, Joaquín Cayón-De Las Cuevas, Karl Harald Søvig, Annagrazia Altavilla, Vugar Mammadov, Verena Stühlinger, Steven Lierman.