6th EAHL conference in Bergen


6th EAHL conference successfully held in Bergen, Norway, on 28-29 September 2017. The Conference entitled “Health Rights Regulations and the Distribution of Healthcare in Europe” became a meeting place for more than 100 specialists.

A number of important decisions were made during the conference. A new leadership of the Association was elected during the conference, with four new members. The new composition of the Board: Karl Harald Søvig (chair), Vugar Mammadov, Verena Stühlinger, Athanasios Panagiotou, Annagrazia Altavilla, Joaquín Cayón-De Las Cuevas, Steven Lierman.

A seminar for young researchers (PhD seminar) became an important part of the conference. During the seminar that was organized in the form of parallel sessions with presentations all participants were divided into 3 groups. Young researchers had an opportunity to present and discuss their theses, as well as get the professor's advice on the intricacies of the research.

All abstracts submitted to the conference have been published in the “Book of Abstracts”.

2The conference addressed every aspect that contributes to a distribution of healthcare that is just and in accordance with human rights standards, in times of scarcity and high-cost innovations: healthcare that is safe, cultural sensitive, cost-effective, with respect for patients’ rights and human rights obligations. This includes the influence of international (UN) and European jurisprudence (Council of Europe, European Union), public health measures, standardisation and prioritisation of health care, professional guidelines, innovations (e.g. robotisation, gene-therapy, telemedicine, orphan drugs, personalised medicine, medical research), resilience and self-care, new models of care, interplay between pri-vate and public healthcare providers and health insurances, as well as co-operation at European level on strategies to effectively manage cost effective, patient friendly healthcare. Challenges within contemporary European (and national) health law from a patient’s rights and a social perspective as well as many other issues have been addressed within the scope of EAHL conference theme.

To read the 2017 report of the General Assembly meeting that took place during the conference, please, click here.

Composition of new EAHL Board
Composition of new EAHL Board (from right to left):
Athanasios Panagiotou, Joaquín Cayón-De Las Cuevas, Karl Harald Søvig, Annagrazia Altavilla, Vugar Mammadov, Verena Stühlinger, Steven Lierman.

If You are interested in more details about the Bergen conference, please, visit the web site: http://eahl2017.org/

The presentations from the conference (for the authors who have consented to this) will be published on the conference web site.