Terms of Forum use


1. General Provisions

  • These rules apply throughout the forum of the European Association of Health Law (EAHL). These Rules are binding for all users of the site. Ignorance of the Rules does not absolve from responsibility for their violation.
  • The forum rules are introduced to create a comfortable and constructive atmosphere of communication. If you do not agree with the established rules, refrain from participating in this forum.
  • The forum is the property of the EAHL that by virtue of this has the full right to establish these Rules and carry out a certain moderation policy, both directly and through authorized forum participants.

2. The main objectives of the forum:

  • strengthening of academic, business and informal relations between health lawyers and persons dealing with issues of medical (health) law;
  • organization of communication, exchange of opinions and information between members of the EAHL, as well as with other stakeholders on a wide range of issues, covering both their professional sphere of interests and other socially significant problems: social, economic, cultural, scientific in the sphere of health law;
  • raising the professional level of specialists in the field of health law;

3. Registration of users

  • By registering on the forum, the User agrees to comply with these Terms. To register on the forum, the User must provide a valid email address.
  • It is up to the user to select nicknames (“nicks”), but the nick should be informative and not consist only of letter-number combinations (e.g. 1g2r3z etc.) Criteria for the similarity of nicks remain at the discretion of the Administration.
  • It is forbidden to repeatedly register by one user, regardless of the purposes with which such registration is conducted. In case of revealing such facts, the Administrator of the forum without any additional warnings will block all the accounts of this user, regardless of his personality and position on the forum.

4. The order of behavior on the forum:

  • Communication on the forum is built on the principles of common morality and network etiquette. The EAHL will moderate the forum.
  • Before creating a new topic on the forum - use the Search. Search can be made both throughout the forum, and on individual sections.
  • The title of a new topic should characterize its meaning and essence of the question (with a concise, understandable phrase).
  • New topics should be created in the relevant thematic sections of the forum. If the topic is at the junction of the two directions, then it is necessary to select only one section.
  • Both explicit and implicit advertising / anti-advertising is not allowed, except if  agreed with the Forum Administration. Publication of links to other sites is permissible provided that the page at the indicated address is shown as an illustration of the statement made by the author of the message, however the Forum Administration reserves the right to remove any link without explaining the reasons.
  • Placement of messages containing the signs of offenses provided for by the current legislation of the countries of the European Space.
  • It is prohibited to create several identical topics (messages), duplicate a closed topic (or create a topic to discuss issues discussed in a previously closed topic).
  • Mass distribution of messages to people who did not express a desire to receive them (spam) is not allowed.
  • Personal correspondence in the legal sections of the forum is not allowed, as well as not of interest to other forum participants (for personal communication use the system of private messages).
  • It is not allowed to use the so-called "personal" (used by other users) avatars, in cases where users who have priority (registered earlier) object to this.
  1. Responsibility for violation of the Rules
  • In case of violation of these Rules, the following sanctions may be applied in accordance with the degree and form of violation to the offender:

- warning;

- temporary ban;

- unlimited ban (perpetual blocking of access to the site).

  • The administrator of the forum without additional warnings may prohibit accessing the forum for persons who are systematically engaged in flood and offtopic, and in any other way attempting to destabilize the normal operation of the forum.
  1. Administration of the forum. Relations between Users and Administration
  • All messages on the forum reflect solely the opinions of their authors, the Administration does not guarantee the validity of the information contained in these messages, and does not always share the opinions of users on any issues, and therefore does not assume any obligations related to their contents and does not bear any responsibility for possible damage that may entail the use of the forum and the materials placed on it.
  • The administration of the forum keeps confidential information of users (IP address, e-mail, etc.) in secret, however this rule may not be observed for participants violating these Rules, as well as the rights of other forum participants. In this case, any information can be transferred to law enforcement agencies, providers, Internet service providers, as well as other interested parties, in accordance with the degree and form of violation of the Rules. The administration also reserves the right to publicly report such actions on the forum.
  • The Administration reserves the right to change the Rules of the Forum at any time.
  • These Regulations come into force from the moment of their publication.