News from members

Committee on Medical and Pharmaceutical Law celebrates its first anniversary on August 5, 2018!

    On August 5, 2017, the Ukrainian National Bar Association established the Committee on Medical and Pharmaceutical Law and Bioethics. Iryna Senyuta was elected as the Head of Committee (National Contact Person from Ukraine). The Committee aims to promote the development of medical and pharmaceutical law, the legal basis of bioethics, public health law in the field of advocacy; along with the expansion of specialized practices, and the effective protection of human rights in health care provision. The Committee consists of profile sections, divided by the main areas of Committee’s activity, namely the sections on the following fields: medical law, pharmaceutical law, legal basis of bioethics, public health law. The tasks of the Committee can be defined, inter alia, as: 1) drafting normative legal acts in the field of health care, proposals thereto and to the current legislation on optimizing the protection of human rights; 2) preparation of analytical and methodological materials for attorneys in the field of medical and pharmaceutical law, legal basis of bioethics and public health law; 3) participation in the organization and / or holding of seminars, conferences, trainings and other events of the UNBA; 4) cooperation with specialized legal clinics and medical legal clinics in order to promote the provision of free legal aid in medical cases to the population and the dissemination of practical knowledge among the students; 5) cooperation with international institutions in the areas of the Committee's activities.
   During the year of the Committee's operation, there have taken place a lot of interesting activities, including: 1) conduction of specialized training in medical law for attorneys (March-April 2018); 2) introduction at the Higher Bar School of UNBA of the permanent training course "Medical Law" for attorneys; 3) preparation of two methodical recommendations for attorneys: a) on protection of human rights in the field of vaccinations; b) on civil legal protection of human right for medical assistance (June-July 2018); 4) conduction of the Ukrainian Human Rights Week in the field of health care, timed to the Universal Human Rights Day, which takes place on December 10 (December 2017), the activity included, in particular, the provision of free public counseling on human rights in the field of health care protection; 5) conduction of series of round tables on medical law involving attorneys, judges, policemen and prosecutors, representatives of medical and legal educational institutions, health care organizers; in order to discuss complex issues related to the human rights protection and defending in medical cases (April-May 2018).



The European Interest Group on biobanks has held its first (inaugural) meeting. The main aim of the group is to create a network to exchange information about biobanking laws and ethical guidelines and establish collaborations between the members of the group in order to contribute to the ongoing developments of interest for professionals and patients at EU / National regulatory levels.

Co-ordinators of the interestgroup for the first 2 years are Emmanuelle Rial-Sebbag / Anne-Marie Duguet. Contact-point is Aurélie Mahalatchimy

The group will co-operate with the interest group on data protection, (co-ordinator Jean Herveg).

Next year during the EAHL conference in Norway, Bergen, 28-29 September 2017, a session on biobanking will be organised on behalf of the interest group.