European Commission:

Commission staff working document on the implementation of Directive 2010/53/EU, accompanying the Document ‘Report from the Commission on the implementation of directive 2010/53/EU  on standards of quality and safety of human organs intended for transplantation’, July 2010,   SWD(2016) 451 final, Brussels, 4-1-2017.


Council of Europe:

CM/Rec. (2016) 8 of the Committee of Ministers to the Member States on the processing of personal health related data for insurance purposes, including data resulting from genetic tests.
European Court of Human Rights, Bioethics and the Case Law of the Court, Research Report, 2016
On 11 May 2016, the Committee of Minsiters of the Council of Europe adopted Recommendation CM/Rec(2016)6 on reserarch on biological materials of human origin.


OECD Health Ministers Statement: the next Generation of Health Reforms, 17 January 2017.
OECD COUNCIL Recommendation on Health Data Governance, 17 January 2017.


BBMRO-ERIC, Report Ethics Review of European Biobank Research: Towards Mutual Recognition: 12 September 2016, Messe Wien.

European Journal of Health Law

The European Journal of Health Law has been selected for coverage in Thomson Reuter’s products and services. Beginning with V. 23 (1) 2016, this publication will be indexed and abstracted in Emerging Sources Citation Index.

Volume 24, no 1, March 2017:

Lightning or Lightning Bug: The role of the Language Gap and the Access to Proper Information on Entitlements in Cross – Border patient Safety
Gabriella Berki
Property control and Separated Human Biomaterials, Neil Maddox
Should Anthroposophic Medicinal Products be Regulated in Europe, Genevieve Michaux
Developing a Legal Framework for Advance Healthcare Planning: Comparing England & Wales and Ireland, Marey Donnelly
News & Views
The legislation of Gamete Donation in Italy, Andrea Boggio
Selected legislation and jurisprudence:
 European Court of Human Rights, Joseph Dute
Book Review
Colin Francome, Unsafe Abotion and women’s Health: Change and Liberalization,
Natasha Hammond-Browning

Volume 24, no 2, April 2O17:

New EU Rules for In Vitro Diagnostic Genetic Tests, a First Step in the Right Direction, Henriette D.C. Roscam Abbing
Genetic discriminmation: A Case for a European Legislative Response?
Aisling de Paor
Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis: The Situationn in France and in Other European countries
Anne-Marie Duguet, Benedicte Boyer-Beviere
Better not to know”? Justifiable Limits on the right to Information in the Realm of DTC Genetic Testing, an analysis of the European and Spanish legal Framwork   
Juan Maria Marinez Otero
Selected legislation and Jurisprudence
 European Court of Human Rights, Joseph Dute
Book review
Marcus Duwell, Jens Braarvig, Roger Brownsord and Dietmar Mieth (eds),
The Cambridge Handbook of Human Dignity – interdisciplinary perpectives
Christopher McCrudden, Understanding Human Dignity,
A.E. Harrison

Study on cross-border health services: potential obstacles for healthcare providers
Chafea/2014/Health/10 - Final Report
Written by the consortium of Ecorys, Erasmus University Rotterdam, and Spark Legal Network and Consultancy Ltd. May – 2017


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