Welcome to EAHL

Welcome to EAHL

Welcome to the European Association of Health Law - a forum for lawyers involved with health law issues from countries in the Council of Europe and beyond to discuss and collaborate on issues of importance in the development of health law and related policies.

Initial steps towards establishing a European Association of Health Law were made in 2006 in Toulouse, France.  The founding conference took place in 2008 in Edinburgh, Scotland as was the case with the first EAHL Conference.

Concerted activities of lawyers involved with health law issues in Europe is indispensable.            

New developments in medical science and technology continuously give rise to complicated legal questions requiring an appropriate European answer.

The ongoing convergence of health policies and systems instigated by the European Union as well as  the systematic reflection on, and refinement of human rights in relation to bio-medicine in the context of the Council of Europe,  call for appropriate strategies to promote, protect and implement patients’ rights.

The European Association of health law offers those lawyers who are involved with health law issues to intensify their contacts and combine activities in a systematic, structural manner. It serves as a forum for lawyers from different European countries to meet, discuss and exchange information on health law related subjects. It offers an opportunity for common European research activities, for mutual assistance and exchange of best practices. 

The bi-annual EAHL conferences are an ideal instrument for the achievement of the objectives of the Organisation. As is also the close link between the EAHL and the EJHL (see under section ‘membership’: benefits of individual membership).

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